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Poly Strapping


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Polypropylene strapping is easy to use, economical, strong and half the weight of steel strapping.

Poly strapping is weather resistant. No sharp edges makes this strapping safe to use. strapping is split resistant, helping to prevent pilferage machine grade polypropylene strapping works great in tabletop, semi-automatic strapping machine applications.

Strapping is embossed for reduced splitting, greater flexibility and better seal joint efficiency in heat seal machines. each roll is packaged in a usable carton.

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  • VERY ELASTIC & FLEXIBLE STRAPPING】 We offer a 1/2 inches x 7200 feet Hand Grade Polypropylene (PP) Strapping Roll 8 x 8 inches core size with 600 lbs break strength. Embossed surface, black color. Sealable with seals, heat fusion, or friction welds
  • 【FOR LIGHT-TO-MEDIUM DUTY APPLICATION】 Designed for light-to-medium duty bundling polypropylene strapping. It can be used for a variety of applications of practically any size and shape. Perfect for bundling newspapers, corrugated boxes, pipes, and all bulky but light items
  • 【HAND OR MACHINE OPERATION】 Polypropylene (poly) rolls are available in the machine (for use with semi-automatic machines) and hand grades (for use with manual strapping tools and battery-powered strapping tools) and in a variety of sizes and thicknesses
  • 【CAN BUNDLE EVEN ODD SHAPES】 Very flexible packing straps can wrap odd-shaped items or irregular shapes. Its elongation characteristics can absorb impact without breaking or losing its ability to retain the load
Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 8 in

Width: 3/8" Length: 12900" Tensile 300# Core: 9×8", Width: 1/2" Length: 7200" Tensile 600# Core: 16×6", Width: 1/2" Length: 7200" Tensile 500# Core: 16×6", Width: 1/2" Length: 9000" Tensile 300# Core: 8×8", Width: 1/2" Length: 9000" Tensile 400# Core: 8×8"


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